MNP stand for Mobile Number Portability.

MNP: Extension of validity of up to 28 months! This offer is privileged to all customers who have transferred their favorite numbers to the ONEXOX plan. 

The valid expiration date of your prepaid account will be modified to extend to 28 months within 2 weeks after the activation of your card sim. 

No conditions apply! However, if the validity period is still not extended after that period, please contact customer service at 12273 for manual customization. 

Now you do not have to worry about the expiration date because every top-up ringgit you make after this will always extend your account validity!


  1. Share, Save and Burnproof Everything! With ONEXOX
  2. Share your data to anyone.
  3. Carry forward unused data forever.
  4. Mobile Number Portability
  5. Long-lasting validity periods
  6. Affordable rates
  7. Constant rewards
  8. Everything and a little more that you could possibly get from a mobile service!
  9. Free SMS, free data and free calls
  10. 28-Month Validity Period
  11. Short Call 5sen/10sec